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September 2015: AKATI Consulting Participates in the 3rd Cyber Security Summit in Sri Lanka


29 September 2015, Colombo - The EC-Council Cyber Security Summit is one of the most sought after events in the Cyber Security industry in Sri Lanka. Krishna Rajagopal, CEO of AKATI Consulting participated both in the main conference and the CEO forum which was held the following day (30th September) as a part of the Summit.

Krishna's presentation was wittily captioned 'Angels vs. Demons: The Good, Bad and the Ugly' which are two movie titles put together to interpret the dilemma caused in certain cybercrime incidents. Krishna's ever entertaining style of speech not only kept the audience alive but inspired them to look at cybercrime in a different angle. 

"We think we are the angels, hackers are the demons. Then what happens is the hackers think, they are the angels and you're the demon. So what happens within the organisation? The vendors think they are the angels and you're the demon and the other way around. This is what I want to shed light on," he emphasised.  

"There was a group selling their software called Galileo for infecting machines, intercepting communications and pretty much anything and would sell it to anybody. In Malaysia, we had four clients. Interestingly, we had the anti-corruption agency which is fine because they want to investigate, we had the Police which is also fine, then we had the Prime Minister's department and some other company which was not even known. So the company that was not even known was spying on the other three to see who they were spying on. 

“It was was very interesting to see the original name for this company was 'Hacking Team' but after July 2015, we called them the Hacked Team because they were massively hacked. Every single customer that was using their product was released. This was 37 countries that were buying from them.  These companies were buying exploits from underground, illegal criminals and selling it to countries. So who's the angel and who's the demon? Is it lawful or unlawful?  The best part of the story was that these companies thought that this was the company which was producing this software. They didn't know that this company was actually outsourcing the whole thing. 

“This company called Kylax was actually creating these zero-day exploits. This is interesting because the countries don't know about Kylax, they think the Hacking Team develops the exploits, and Hacking Team thinks the one who developed it was Kylax themselves. But Kylax had outsourced it to underground freelancers. The part they didn't know was that Hacking Team made a backdoor into every single customer that were 37 countries been monitored by Hacking Team while they were busy monitoring other people. This is a double trouble! In this whole equation, it's hard to say who the angel is and who the demon is." he added. 

Krishna also displayed a few findings from the famous Ashley Madison website hack to point out that cybercrime can even cause physical deaths. As it has been reported thus far, the impact of this data breach has caused four suicides. 

As a part of the 'Night Hack' Krishna demonstrated a few hacking techniques and afterwards, his team demonstrated how the control of a drone could be taken over by hacking into it.  

At the CEO forum, Krishna spoke about how people turn into hackers and what their mindsets are really like. He explained that sometimes, hackers start out of curiosity and when they get into the hacking mode and find interesting or potentially secret information they get excited and eventually try to make money out of it. He also highlighted that organised crime groups earn more money from cybercrime than by selling drugs. 

The other guest speakers of the event were Sameer Sharma, Senior advisor of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Regional Office for Asia-Pacific Bangkok; Muhunthan Canagey, the Managing Director/CEO of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka; Srikanta Prasad, Principal Consultant Cisco Security India; Pierre Noel, the Chief Security Officer and Advisor for Microsoft in Asia; Vivek Srivastava, Security Lead Commercial for India and SAARC CISCO, Jayantha Fernando, Program Director and Legal Advisor of ICTA Sri Lanka and Brian Kealey, the Country mManager for Sri Lanka and Maldives Microsoft. The summit was a great success with the participation of many delegates from various industries and university students. 

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