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August 2015: AKATI Consulting Received (ISC)² Rights As Sole Distributor in Malaysia

28 August 2015, Kuala Lumpur - AKATI Consulting, a leading Information Security provider recently received the rights as sole distributor of (ISC)², the largest not-for-profit body of certified information and software security professionals with over 100,000 members worldwide. On 12th August 2015, (ISC)² formally appointed AKATI Consulting as an (ISC)² Official Training Provider (OTP) in Malaysia. 

Sophisticated security software, regular security assessments and stringent security policies alone cannot ensure good information security standards in an organisation. It requires the personnel to be well trained, updated and knowledgeable about information security aspects. Professional trainings and certifications play a significant part in the continuous development of IT professionals. 

AKATI Consulting has a proven track record in training hundreds of information security professionals and students worldwide. Krishna Rajagopal, CEO of AKATI Consulting believes that information security is a journey and should involve efforts of all members of the digital society. 

"Efforts to secure information assets can only be realised with constant enhancement of security skills by IT Professionals. AKATI Consulting who has already built a reputation in providing security consulting services par excellence now goes beyond, as we have established our own AKATI Academy which provides highly sought after Information Assurance and Cyber Security training courses as well. 

Now through this strategic alliance with (ISC)² we are able to provide some of the world-class Information Security training courses such as CISSP certification which is at the top of the list for all information security professionals. We have come together through this alliance for the benefit of IT professionals in Malaysia and this region. Through building strategic alliances with quality information security education providers such as (ISC)², I believe we are greatly contributing to the improvement of Malaysian Information Security capacity building," Krishna commented. 

(ISC)² in its mission of supporting and providing members and constituents with credentials, resources, and leadership to secure information and deliver value to society, has recognised AKATI Consulting as a worthy partner to join this endeavour. 

The strategic alliance between (ISC)² and AKATI Consulting would improve the geographical coverage of the (ISC)² training services and would be a great opportunity for IT professionals in Malaysia. (ISC)² certifications are recognised globally, serve as an accepted standard in the industry and offer confidence to professionals in private and government sectors.

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About AKATI Consulting Group

AKATI Consulting Group is a security-focused consulting firm providing services specializing in Information Security and Information Forensics. Operating in 5 continents with over 300 global clients, AKATI Consulting has earned its reputation for offering reliable solutions with guaranteed results using cutting-edge technology. Top banks in the world, military and some of the most hostile environments in the globe trust AKATI Consulting as their Trusted Security Advisor.

With its extensive experience and capabilities in Information Security & Computer Forensics consulting and training, AKATI Consulting is able to customize its services to suit the needs of each client. AKATI Consulting Group fills a distinctive requirement in business environments increasingly dependent on Information Technology and takes on the role of your InfoSec S.W.A.T Team.

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