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June 2015: AKATI Consulting Presented at ASIA PKI Conference 2015


9th June 2015, Kuala Lumpur - Krishna Rajagopal, CEO at AKATI Consulting together with Anders Tornqvist, the CEO, Comfact AB of Sweden delivered a presentation captioned “PKI: Is this the Silver Bullet to Security?” at the Asia PKI Conference 2015.

The Asia PKI Conference is a new forum which promotes discussions about PKI technology, its standardization and the interoperability especially within Asian countries; and aims to establish an effective networking platform to strengthen cooperation among the PKI industry across Asia. This conference offers a unique opportunity for organizations to research, gain feedback and establish collaborative relationships with an international audience of PKI and business leaders.

Krishna shared a couple of experiences from the cyber security field to explain how easily an organisation could be hacked regardless of the size and nature of the business. In particular he took the example of an infamous hacker who very cleverly escaped the authorities on several occasions. He also emphasized that the end users are in fact the weakest link.

Once the premise for the discussion was set, Krishna briefly explained the concept of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). However, his focus was not on the benefits of it; instead he highlighted how mistakes or oversights that happen when implementing PKI can cause serious damage to an organisation's information assets. He explained his assertions with a few examples and informative diagrams which were designed to easily transfer the concepts to the audience. 

"In some of our case investigations, we actually saw a malware that was signed. The malware was embedded on a PDF and the PDF was signed. And there were no issues with the certificate but there was no such person on that signing side. That was a serious issue. The issue now is not only that something gets into the CA but if something uses that certificate for signing malware which will be trusted; everybody will start opening it up. BIT9 itself said, we simply did not follow the best practices we recommend to our customers," Krishna said.

The presentation was concluded by underscoring the fact that PKI is certainly not a silver bullet to information security and it's only an element in the entire process. Therefore, organisations need to be careful about mistakes that are likely to be made during implementation. 

The presentation ended with a usual Q&A session. Krishna's vast experience and ever entertaining style of presenting got the audience very much involved in the discussion. 

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