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Youth Empowerment Program


Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to shape the world and change it for a better tomorrow. Every student wishes to gain an internationally recognized education and broaden their horizons. The AKATI Academy International Youth Empowerment Program encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects to ensure that students will enjoy the hands-on experience of the program while gaining some valuable knowledge. This program will also boost the students' technical and communication skills which will be a great advantage for their future studies or work.

On top of that, students will learn new skills and gain confidence through pushing beyond their comfort zone, challenge their limits and gain experience. Through this program, we aim to provide the students a competitive edge in their future career or studies. This program will also serve as an opportunity to expand their social network, enabling them to forge relationships with those who share similar interests along with prospects for future contact and travel, with places to stay and people to visit. Most importantly, they will have acquired skills, experiences, friends and wonderful memories by the time you return home.

Program Objectives

  • Provide an opportunity to engage student's in language, society, training development and technical activities in an international setting
  • Provide an introduction to the country visited through helping participants build work relationships with local students and faculty, and through visits to the country's historical / cultural sites.

Participating Countries

Malaysia is one of the most fascinating destinations to execute a study and learn abroad program in the world. The people are friendly, the internships are educative and the culture is delightful. Students will be exposed and trained with various scopes on language, creative thinking, engineering, technical visit, and cultural. Malaysia is a fascinating study and sightseeing destination that attracts many tourists from around the world. There are three distinct destinations in the country, namely Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia. Malaysia doesn't fail to amaze visitors with its vast developments coupled with rich and varied cultural traditions. You will see that it is truly a diverse destination.

Ireland is loved by travellers and cherished as an enchanting land where legend and reality mingle. Ireland boasts of heavily investing in their education system and having one of the best education systems for Higher Education. Ireland has an inviting atmosphere for international students who fly in from over 160 countries. Ireland is a friendly and safe country which is ideal for a study and learn abroad program. Some of the fascinating things to do while in Ireland include, touring the Castles which are haunted, gothic, stately, or imposing. Irish castles radiate the romantic feel of this beautiful country. Besides, the students can tour the Guinness Storehouse, or even have an adventure in the rugged countryside or seaside.

United Arab Emirates
UAE is a dynamic and exciting destination. It's a relatively new destination undergoing constant and extreme transformation which makes it great for a study abroad program. UAE is known for its diversity in cultures. Approximately only 20% of the population is Emiratis while the rest are from all around the world. You will find yourself in the middle of the desert, not very far from the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, where you will come across shifting sand dunes, camels, and the occasional Gaf Tree. Studying in the UAE gives a great opportunity for students to learn about a new culture, get a taste of what the UAE is really like despite the stereotypes the media inculcates in the public and engage in a number of adventures.

Technical Focus Area
The following are some of the technical focus areas that we provide for our clients. In addition, we also create customized programmes according to the specific needs of our clients.

(A) Computer Science and Security

  • Cyber SAFE Workshop. In the Cyber SAFE (Security Awareness For Everyone) Workshop, students will be introduced to some fundamental IT Security lessons. This includes how to select a complex password, how to log off your computer when you are not using, why it is important to learn about IT security and how easily your computer can be hacked by presenting to the students some actual incidences where large corporate organisations had been hacked. Students will also get hands-on practice on IT Security tools and techniques. Students will be able to simulate a phishing exercise and learn how to defend from such an attack.
  • Computer Animation Workshop. This program allows students to create awesome 2D cartoon animations using the new 'Animation-ish' software and graphic tablet. Students get to use their imagination to develop their storyboards, and learn to develop their technical skills while gaining an understanding of the creative animation process. Students who are interested in creative subjects can attend this workshop.

(B) Engineering

  • Electronics and electrical. Students will be introduced to the development of physics that specifically evolves to the field of electronics. This includes the following learning area but not limited to:
    • electronic components,
    • measurements
    • electronics devices
    • home electronics − LEDs, kitchen apparatus, radios and TVs
    • security system
    • electronics sensors
  • Circuit Master Workshop. Getting started with basic electronics is easier than you might think. This Instructor will demystify the basics of electronics so that anyone with an interest in building circuits can hit the ground running. The activities will cover:
    • Steady Hand Monopoly
    • Get to Know Your Circuits!
    • Tinker Your Circuit Dough
    • Complete Our City Circuit
  • Robotic Workshop. Students are challenged to build, program and control robots with the latest LEGO © Mindstorms NXT 2.0 technology. Learn how to build robust powered mechanisms and control robotic creations through computer programming. Create intelligent mechanisms that react to stimuli (e.g. touch, sight or sound).

(C) English language and soft skills

Most of the students are found to be passive and unenthusiastic in speaking English. Due to the weak foundation of English Language, inadequate training in primary schools and personalities, they are shy and unwilling to speak English in class even though they are forced by teachers. It is very common to see that only few students are brave and competent to answer teachers' questions confidently. The purpose of this program is to find ways to increase students' confidence in speaking English in class. It aims to help students develop their language skills and motivate them to acquire better communication.


  • Cultivate an interactive atmosphere which provides opportunities for students to speak English
  • Let students choose their own topic to promote students-centered learning approach
  • Strengthen students' confidence in speaking English by dividing them into groups
  • Adopt encouragement teaching to increase students' participation
  • Organize competition to arouse students' interests

(D) Creative Thinking

The critical and creative thinking lessons are designed to elicit a higher level thinking response. These lessons can also be used to identify and nurture gifted potential among young learners. The problem-solving skills, thinking processes, and student products that result from these lessons provide observable evidence of a student's ability to think and reason on advanced levels. Each lesson is structured around a five-stage model which provides students opportunities to connect content to prior knowledge, engage in new ideas, use thinking skills to consider possibilities, reflect on new learning, and connect the lesson to future learning. Students are introduced to a strategy which can help them become better thinkers, and are then given opportunities to practice using the thinking strategies in different content areas. Icons provide a visual representation that helps students identify and remember the thinking strategy.

Hands-on activities includes:

  • Creativity: To allow students to discover their own creative talent
  • Rocket balloon: To allow students to appreciate simple logic of flights, energy and creative designs
  • iSketch: a technique to translate imagination into sketches and brief descriptions
  • Pitch your idea: Students learn entrepreneur skills

(E) Industry Visits
Participating students will also be brought to various factories for industry exposures. Some of the visits include but not limited to:

DSC01524.jpg#asset:2604Audio Engineering
The students will be exposed to the knowledge on film development and Audio Engineering.

Metallurgy Engineering
Students will be introduced to the world of pewter through sight, touch and sound. Large chimes and bells can be struck in the Chamber of Chimes, demonstrating the resonant sound of cast pewter and that of other materials. In the Hall of Frames, visitors pass through a hall decked with an impressive collection of past and present products, where they can touch, feel and appreciate the subtle warmth and flexibility of the alloy. De-stress with a hammer while expressing your creativity! Students will be guided through the process of creating a pewter dish using traditional tools such as the hammer and wooden mold. At the end of the session, they will take home their finished pewter dish.

Automotive Engineering
Student will visit an automotive industry specialist in high quality and technologically advanced automotive components. The students will be exposed to operational processes of this factory and how certain machinery works.

Program Duration

Program durations are customized based on the requirements of clients, it usually spans from 2 weeks to a month.

Training Capacity & Eligibility
Minimum 10 students and maximum 30 students per programme.