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Alpha Computer Emergency Response Team (A-CERT)


The Alpha Computer Emergency Response Team "A-CERT", an independent body from the AKATI Consulting Group, was established and launched in January 2015. This was an initiative taken by the AKATI Consulting to serve a larger range of technology driven organisations that struggle with computer incidents of many forms.

How Does A-CERT Operate
AKATI Consulting is well known in the Information Security industry for prompt and reliable incident response. A-CERT operates under AKATI Consulting as an independent body and is responsible for co-ordinating responses to cyber-criminal activities. A-CERT is available on-call, round the clock, to make sure the client responds quickly and appropriately to security incidents. Typically, once an incident has occurred, our team will first mitigate further damage and isolate the systems in question. We will take necessary steps to work with the IT managers of your organisation to minimise downtime of the systems. The team will then carefully analyse the situation and extract necessary evidence for investigation. Our expert consultants will help you understand the scope of the incident and guide you through the remediation steps that need to be taken and will advice you on possible legal actions as well. A-CERT Consultants are dedicated to deliver AKATI promise of excellence throughout their services.

Why was A-CERT formed
With the increasing rate of cyber crime, AKATI Consulting has felt the need to contribute more towards eradicating computer crime or 'incidents', as it is called. The trust customers have placed on the services provided by AKATI Consulting is the main factor of its growth and therefore AKATI Consulting intends to keep that trust and constantly deliver their promise of excellence. AKATI Consulting believes that building smart partnerships with International organisations that can match the quality of service provided by AKATI Consulting can enhance its capacity, enabling it to serve a wider range of customers who are in need of Information Security Services. Through the A-CERT, AKATI Consulting seeks to enhance cyber-security capabilities and resilience in all private, and public sector organisations.

Who does A-CERT serve
Having the required knowledge, capacity and skills to be proactive and to set standards for client organisations, A-CERT particularly focuses on the protection of organisations that are a critical part of the national infrastructure, such as banks, mobile operators and power generation and distribution firms. A-CERT will also function as a point of contact for co-ordinating international responses to computer security incidents. A-CERT maintains affiliations with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to empower its digital intelligence and investigations. The team is trained to assist agencies in executing search warrants that may involve particularly sophisticated and technical countermeasures.

What does A-CERT aim to achieve
The A-CERT will help Corporations and IT professionals to keep abreast of the latest vulnerabilities that affect the cyber world and understand latest global trends in Information Security. A-CERT aims to become the trusted partner to many private and public organizations in fighting Cybercrime. AKATI Consulting already has a vast number of clients across the globe and A-CERT is the latest value addition to its clients. A-CERT hopes to become the most dreadful thought to cybercriminals out there!

How can you benefit from A-CERT
A-CERT will do its best to enable your organisation to defend against cybercriminals. ACERT has intelligent feeds from our global response centre in Hong Kong and shares the findings with clients. Our A-CERT Bi-Monthly Security Advisory newsletter will update you on arising Information Security concerns including latest cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, patches and newly discovered malware.

For more information and to subscribe for A-CERT's Bi-Monthly Security Alerts, write to us at hello@akati.com. Provide us your Full Name, Designation, Organisation, and Email Address.